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Tintisha is an award-winning software company and multimedia design agency based in Leicester, England providing innovative software solutions since 2001.

Our friendly team of enthusiastic designers and developers are ready to transform your ideas into reality so please take a look around our site and see what other people are saying about us.


We don’t just keep abreast of the latest technologies but take many of them to the next level such as:

  • custom modules and features for open-source systems such as Drupal, Wordpress and Moodle
  • seamless integrations of disparate systems
  • augmented reality for virtual science experiments.

Our innovative approach ensures that we provide our clients with the very best solutions. Couple this with our personal and attentive customer service and Tintisha are a force to be reckoned with!

Coming soon - play our “meet the team” game

Tintisha helped us out of a real hole. Our original supplier had fallen down and this particular project was in crisis. After one meeting with Tintisha I relaxed and could get on with the writing and editing of the project (an educational resource for a charitable body promoting the use of space to interest students in school about science).

The design work from Tintisha was excellent and the Flash animations are still regarded as some of the best we have used - in any project. Attention to detail, willingness to be flexible and a real commitment to the schedule from Tintisha saved my skin!

Gareth Price - Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University

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